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  • 2019 MagRabbit is on Innovate Austin Vol.1

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    2019 MagRabbit is on Innovate Austin Vol.1

    As a software company which has more than 10 years experiences in Austin Texas US, MagRabbit is invited to appear on a special print of Innovate Austin. We are very honored and proud to tell everyone our story of growth.

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  • Data integration on Salesforce platform

    folder_open Salesforce Consulting & Development

    Data integration on Salesforce platform

    MagRabbit offers consultation services to help identify the painpoints and provide viable solutions for Salesforce Integration Implementation. Since the Salesforce platform is a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service). A client does not need to install any hardware or software for the application as it will be accessible via the Internet on any latest browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari).

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  • Salesforce Migration

    folder_open Salesforce Consulting & Development

    Salesforce Migration

    MagRabbit offers application migration to the Salesforce platform. We understand that data security, business continuity are the top priorities. Your legacy applications can be either partly or fully migrated onto the Salesforce platform.

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