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The Vietnam War Summit at LBJ Presidential Library

Thanh (Tommy) Hodinh

Founder and CEO, MagRabbit

Thanh (Tommy) Hodinh is a Vietnamese American who came to the United States in 1972. In 1976, he earned a BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Texas-El Paso. After his graduation, Hodinh joined IBM where he worked for 15 years. His tenure at IBM included management in manufacturing, product development, and sales. He continued to further his studies in the MIT Logistics and Transportation Executive Summer Program, as well as completed the Advanced Management Education Program for CEO and the Corporate Board of Director Program for CEO at the Kellogg of School of Management.
Hodinh started MagRabbit, Inc., founded in Austin, Texas in 1990 and today MagRabbit is a leading global software service and supply chain management to Fortune 1000 companies. Tommy is the Founder & CEO of MagRabbit, Inc, and its subsidiaries MagRabbit- AIW (San Antonio), - MagRabbit- Dedicated Fleet ( TX), MagRabbit –Integrated Solutions ( Tokyo) and MagRabbit Vietnam, Ltd.

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