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MBNUSA News Magazine recognized MagRabbit

MBNUSA News Magazine recognized MagRabbit

Austin, Texas (Oct 30, 2010)

MBNUSA News Magazine has recognized MagRabbit, Inc. as one of 27 Best MBE of the Decade and its CEO, Tommy Hodinh also recognized ONE OF 16 Extraordinary CEO.

"We honor these MBE's not only for their Zeal but for their savvy ability to transform a company into a game-changer. With hard work, commitment to quality and an eye to the future, they have earned the attention and contracts of some of the largest private and public organization in the country."

About MagRabbit, Inc.

MagRabbit, Inc. provides high quality global IT consultant and software services as well as supply chain management services. MagRabbit increases the value of its customer's enterprises through custom and highly complex supply chain management solutions. MagRabbit has the people, systems, technology, and 20 years of domain expertise to deliver exceptionally high levels of service and accuracy to its customers. Companies such as Dell Corporation, HEB, AT&T, US Army, DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motor Company, Toyota, trust MagRabbit for their mission-critical supply chain Management and software Application Development needs.

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