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    Technology Migration is moving an application from one environment usually old and ineffective to a better one. For one example MagRabbit has experience of migrating an old app of a very old code language Cobol to Java

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  • MagRabbit is on MBN USA 2019

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    MagRabbit is on MBN USA 2019

    The ability to evolve and constantly embrace new ways to exceed customer expectations has always been a strength for MagRabbit Inc. The firm’s leadership evolution is the latest example. Tanya Pham Hodinh is now in the role of chairwoman and CEO. Aaron Hodinh is now chief customer success officer. Founder Tommy Hodinh has become president and chief operating officer.

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  • What are onsite/ offsite, onshore/offshore, hybrid/dual models?

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    What are onsite/ offsite, onshore/offshore, hybrid/dual models?

    If you don't work in IT or technology fields, you may not really understand what is offshore or nearshore means. There are even some other terms such as onsite/ offsite, onshore/offshore, hybrid/dual models. Let’s all see the explanation below

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