Test Senior Engineer

Posted: 12/02/2020

Job Description

  • Provides a High-Level Evaluation Approach and a detailed test schedule for new hardware and solutions technologies to the Technical Manager
  • Supervises the execution and updates on new hardware and solution products 
  • Product evaluation outcomes Interfaces with external validation partners to develop detailed research plans and coverage assessments through various test organizations
  • Manages and updates from validation collaborators on test deliverables and test execution
  • Develops and registers test plans and test cases for recently invented or existing technologies for hardware and solutions
  • Developing testing software and automation for testing in use
  • Directs a research team during test execution and reports findings to engineers and leadership in development.
  • Build test plans based on feedback from production and marketing that provide capital needs, scheduling expectations and scope.



  • Server storage infrastructure expertise is preferred, like PCIe, SAS and RAID, 
  • Must have a good knowledge of hardware and software experiences and be able to apply this understanding to solve challenges, 
  • Detail-oriented with product quality focus, 
  • Strong verbal and written contact.



  • Defines and proposes new research methodologies to decrease test time and maximize coverage of tests
  • Implements a quality development process before and after research programs with test plans, test events, and automation Mentoring young engineers in the test community
  • Evaluates test schedule feasibility before and after test programs
  • Evaluates research methodologies to decrease test time and boost the coverage of studies
  • Communicates with test technicians in the implementation of test plans and guides them
  • Drives the use of automation and research techniques and where possible, pushes to develop processes
  • Works with the expanded technical team to ensure that all appropriate checks are performed, and tracks project progress
  • Develops and executes scripts for test automation

Round Rock, TX
MagRabbit USA

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