Systems Engineer

Posted: 11/03/2020

Job Description

US Citizenship Required

  • Manages or uses applications designed and applied as a commodity, leveraging best-in-class process/lifecycle management implementation processes
  • Collects organization specifications and takes part in product description and prioritization of functionality, including consumer usability studies
  • Conducts comparative analyses on product-level features
  • Creates technical documentation of products/solutions in device software.
  • Helps to build and review end-user and professional end-user reports
  • Drives the generation of innovations for future products in system applications or for the next iteration of a current model.
  • Protects intellectual property by incorporating applicable regulatory functions ( e.g. procurement, patents, open-source)
  • Leads or engages in the lifecycle of the production of information systems, including analysis, new development, modification, security, error repair, reuse, re-engineering and maintenance of software products
  • Designs and introduces significant technical or performance upgrades for current system devices or creates new products or tools for system applications.
  • Design and development of applications for security platforms or embedded devices in Windows, Linux or related dynamic multi-threaded OS environments
  • Makes machine software updates to fix bugs in the initial installation and introduces extensions to current systems to add additional functionality or boost performance.
  • Reviews product quality standards, criteria and designs; establishes and executes product quality or performance assurance plans and tests;
  • Works with the team to create, manage and coordinate existing production plans, timelines and development status with the team responsible for shipping goods under budget, plan and quality guidelines


— Windows, Debian and/or Java skills. (Preferred for Linux environment)

— Good experience of firewalls, switches, data centers and servers.

— Seibel, EBS or Jenkins experience.



  • Participates in the planning, evaluation and study of criteria and specifications for information systems
  • Prepares written criteria for activities with mid-level difficulty from verbal requirements
  • Prepares, where appropriate, design, practical, technological and/or user documentation
  • Using defined methodologies for the software system lifecycle
  • Reviews and executes information device product evaluation methods
  • Follows the source code and regulation of file revision for projects
  • Guarantees that the technological environment is maintained correctly and that any issues are fixed.
  • Ensures that modern architecture is correctly deployed in keeping with standards and requirements.
  • Ensures the correct settlement of conflicts that have been compounded.
  • Identify performance problems and pushes to address the production of tools.
  • Directs cross-functional teams to develop the architecture of IT infrastructure.
  • Mentor to less seasoned members of the squad.
  • In cross-functional and intra-departmental efforts, it has technological expertise.
  • Good knowledge and expertise in the environment of virtual computing.
  • Conveys project challenges and status explicitly
  • Logs project plan, delay, and other details correctly
  • Analyzes and conducts pattern papers on indicators of efficiency
  • Participates in enhancing product quality by better processes and procedures

*Everyday: Track, fix, and address all problems relating to the DFN setting.

*Team Environment: The ecosystem will be owned and preserved by capital in the DFN. They will be accountable to CMMC for all repairs, patching and monitoring. Fresh team bonding-5 people doing the same form of job. 2 in the US and 3 in the IST.

alarm_on Work arrangement

Duration: 6 months

Location: Fully remote

Austin, USA
MagRabbit USA

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