Software Principal Engineer

Posted: 01/06/2021

Job Description

  • Collects business requirements and participates, including customer usability studies, in product definition and feature prioritization. 
  • Performs competitive analysis at the scope of a product level for features.
  • Responsible for testing and fixing new or improved products.
  • Creates software products/solutions technical documentation.
  • Leads or participates in the lifecycle of software development, which includes research, new development, modification, security, error correction, reuse, re-engineering and software product maintenance.
  • Manages or uses software built and implemented as a product, using best-in-class process/lifecycle management development processes (ex: Agile, Waterfall).
  • Ownership of storage infrastructure technologies offers complete architecture, planning, configuration, documentation, operation and top-level assistance.
  • Identifies criteria for construction and makes suggestions for capability planning, optimization of efficiency and future course.
  • Design storage technologies according to company specifications. 
  • This involves the analysis of storage workloads for sizing, minimizing and troubleshooting.
  • Study and compare system/OS features and work on system sizes for individual applications with vendors.
  • Understands virtualization of storage, rationalization of data, automation of workloads, provisioning of storage, Disaster Recovery and management of SAN Fabric.
  • Reliability, availability, and performance problems related to storage troubleshooting.
  • Collaborates on and implements application integration, system administration, problem management, preventive maintenance, performance tuning architecture recommendations.
  • Identifies and removes bottlenecks in performance and makes performance-related recommendations (hardware, software, configuration).
  • Assists in the development and review of documentation of end-users and technical end-users.
  • Drives the generation of ideas for new software products, or for an existing product in the next version.
  • Protects intellectual property by implementing suitable legal components (ex: procurement, patents, open source).
  • Responsible for the distribution of goods within budget, timing and quality guidelines.
  • Works with the team to develop, maintain and communicate the current schedules of development, timelines and status of development.
  • In order to correct errors in the initial implementation, makes changes to system software and creates extensions to existing programs to add new features or performance improvements.
  • Designs and designs substantial technical or performance improvements or introduces new technological products or tools for current products.
  • Reviews standards, criteria and templates for product quality assurance; defines and executes product quality or performance assurance programs and tests.


Bonus whether you have either of the following or more:

  • AI/MLL working experience
  • Area information in telecommunications

Desired Skills:

  • Good intellectual abilities and the capacity to rapidly obtain and industrialize new information
  • Self-starter and perfection in taking and crystallizing unclear specifications into scalable data solutions
  • Advanced degree in Informatics/ Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics or a related area
  • 6-8 years of hands-on experiences in building production-grade data pipelines, architectures and data sets; industry experience preferred
  • Expertise in the related technology for data engineering (e.g. Spark, Python, Kubernetes) in AWS or AzureExperience of data transformation creation and related workload control
  • Batch and streaming data architecture experience, such as Kafka, Kinesis, Flink, Storm, Beam
  • Experience in the architecture and dimensional simulation of data warehouses
  • Expertise in different types of systems for databases (object storage, document or key-value stores, graph databases, column-family databases)
  • Excellent coding ability in Python, Go, Java or Scala
  • GitHub repo contributor or owner
  • Experience of leading ventures in data engineering


  • Contributes to the development, testing and integration of technology with several teams for new or current applications of considerable complexity.
  • Provides for issues leading to software/storage errors and business process problems with the investigation, examination and closed-loop corrective action
  • Contributes to the design and architecture of high-quality, dynamic applications and environments for software/storage Prepare, study and evaluate device and device software/storage requirements
  • Contributes to the production, evaluation, study and application of test strategies for storage products and systems for complex software products and systems
  • Designs and executes project and product lifecycle software and quality assurance procedures
  • Presents senior leadership with correct project status, both at a summary and comprehensive level,
  • Prepare technical papers used internally and publicly to supply other departments with both overview and detailed technical knowledge to complete projects and activities.

alarm_on Work arrangement

Must be W2

Business Unit:   BU033-P&O

Site:   San Francisco, California, United States

San Jose, California

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