Senior IT Architecture Consultant

Posted: 08/20/2020

Job Description

  • Duration: 6 + months
  • Fully Remote
  • Providing comprehensive knowledge of cloud service fulfillment environments, including service entitlement management, app distribution, software authorization, license procurement, licensing compliance domains.
  • Involving in at least one transformational program for enabling products on Cloud.
  • Having extensive cloud infrastructure experience with a thorough knowledge of at least one of the AWS, Azure or GCP technologies.
  • Building and operating roadmaps and plans.
  • Managing the vision and plan with a wide range of functional-domain products.
  • Carrying out daily business studies to consider consumer dynamics in technology technologies and practical areas in order to build product strategies.
  • Including a strong knowledge of the SaaS end-to-end market model with multiple subscription motions.
  • Consulting along with the architect to drive marketing plan implementation.
  • An understanding of fundamental technical concepts such as API design, security, XML / JSON, etc.
  • Ability to distinguish between cloud offers vs. offline sales models and understand relevant product features/competences.


  • Demonstrate Cloud expertise of program delivery including user entitlement processing, program provisioning, user registration, application acquisition, contract compliance domains; Cloud Technology providing a thorough knowledge of at least one of AWS, Azure or GCP; end-to-end SaaS operating model with various subscription motions; basic technical concepts like API design, Security, XML/JSON, etc.
  • Experience in developing cloud service fulfillment – database provisioning and licenses Establishing SaaS operating models with various payment motions The perfect applicant must have already operated with one of the cloud vendors – AWS, Azure Google Cloud, identifying their service fulfillment structures. 


  • Generates business requirements and recognizes the technological and economic effects of such specifications.
  • Verifies requirements, prototyping and design functionality, and oversees the creation and quality of proposals that address current and evolving customer needs.
  • Provides problem management as a focal point for technological issues; conducts application tests, validation procedures, and product certification; encourages customer and organizational meetings; provides development and design approaches.
  • Plans the introduction of revolutionary policies and develops approaches. Projects practice targets for revenue, charging and other aspects of the area. Aside from existing ventures, gives part-time funding to SMEs for other initiatives.
  • Manages the engagement of large teams. Defines SOW and Engagement team deliverables. Supervises several departments and ventures, and provides job guidance to several advisors.
  • Established expertise in running all parts of projects efficiently including production range, schedule preparation, SOW commitment, various workflows and user interface.
  • Drives technology solutions actively and prepares compelling proposals within the senior client environment.
  • Stakeholder knowledge, and willingness to control and risk.
  • Capacity to help market growth successfully, and execute concurrently. Understands that travel for long periods of time may be needed.
Austin, USA

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