[Remote] Senior Advisor, IT Infrastructure - Round Rock

Posted: 08/02/2021


o Candidates must be W2

o Having all of required skills or just some combination of them will be considered:

  •  Having at least  5 years of BLOCK storage-related experience in a large enterprise environment
  •  Practical expertise in Storage Design & Administration
  • Good at PowerMAX/VMAX and Brocade



  • Identify process and procedure inefficiencies, and introduce automation to improve.
  • Perform data gathering and analysis and provide capacity forecasting, asset management and procurement.
  • Assist more senior analysts and IT senior management in planning and reporting.
  • Design correctly the technical environment and maintain it properly.
  • Responsible for identifying performance issues and overseeing the development and tools usage to resolve these problems.
  • Drive the computing infrastructure design, working closely with architects on project design and technical direction.
  • Regularly mentors and reviews work of less experienced team members.
  • Provides expertise in various cross-functional and intra-departmental efforts, working with consultants and architects.
  • Maintains up-to-date knowledge of virtual computing environment.
IT Technical Support Position
Round Rock, TX
MagRabbit USA

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