Principal Systems Development Engineer

Posted: 01/06/2021
Expires: 06/30/2021

Job Description

  • To identify and improve device output and address performance concerns, interfaces with technologists, growth and marketing.
  • Designs and determines system specifications for complex consumer applications,and/or prepares research and analyzes current systems.
  • Determines device specifications for hardware/software compatibility, input/output processes and working parameters.
  • Coordinates subsystem design and/or the incorporation of complete or multiple functional systems.
  • Responsible for product benchmarking, testing and assessment across all stages of the process of production.
  • Develops disciplinary measures and proposes them.
  • Identifies, analyzes, and resolves gaps in service funding.
  • The outcomes of the records are scientific manuals, white papers and web pages online.

  • Ensures the execution of projects under budget and expense goals.

  • Responsible for the delegated system's end-to-end ownership (s).

  • The root cause research is organized to solve problems, particularly complicated problems.



  • Must be W2
  • 3+ years of product creation or solution design experience (additional education may substitute)
  • Experience making and preserving APIs
  • Solid track record in web apps building, refining and scaling based on client and internal team reviews.
  • 2+ years of working in relational databases experience.
  • Git Experience.
  • Good experience in programming in Golang, C/C++ or Java (Golang preferred) (Golang preferred)
  • Strong knowledge of microservices and JSON/REST
  • Experience with programming languages for scripting, such as Bash, Python, Ruby
  • Continuous Integration experience and automated testing strategies
  • Public cloud knowledge (AWS, GCP or Azure)


  • Prepares test and diagnostic programs to design test devices and equipment and to complete new product specifications and procedures
  • Guides other members of the team to finish performance tests
  • Prepares technical reports and presentations
  • Responsible for providing allocated systems
  • Build and method interfaces, spanning extended teams
  • Assign template validates and characterizes
  • Prepares paperwork for systems for inspection/testing
  • Designs and implements cost-effective applications and equipment monitoring and troubleshooting procedures

alarm_on Work arrangement

Business Unit:   BU033-P&O

Site:   Remote - California, United States (Bay Area)

San Jose, California
MagRabbit USA

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