IT Manager

Posted: 03/18/2021

Job Description

  • Proposes and executes upgrades to infrastructure that would boost system stability and efficiency
  • Learn new technology, Dell-specific technology, system behavior and business procedures in relation to consumer requirements.
  • Designs, creators, evaluations, manuals and program kits for debugging according to the requirements, policies and procedures of the client.
  • Maintains workflows for packaging, QA and verification, logs learned from lessons and other centralized documentation.
  • Manage, address and log challenges and incidents relevant to the availability of applications and environments
  • Creates and manages test and production environments for app packaging.
  • Defines norms and techniques for corporate packaging.
  • Create and upgrade dynamic environments in the application world.
  • Creates introduces and checks protocols for disaster recovery.
  • Management consulting to encourage and develop technological improvements.
  • Leads campaigns and special projects
  • Monitors and tests device output characteristics
  • Performs regular maintenance
  • Communicates with all parties to resolve system challenges and to perform mentoring and training (customers, implementation teams, end-users, etc.)


  • Mentoring junior developers with code tests, concept tests and reviews of the unit test plan
  • Provides suggested concept changes/proposals for procedures and implementations, exercises substantial latitude in deciding mission priorities, 
  • Can represent IT as the key strategic touch and frequently executes technical project leadership roles
  • Influence on different sectors, functions or processes
  • Supervises and engages in the production and unit testing of solutions as defined in the Technical Design and obtains code reviews from suitable technical personnel and ensures that internal IT processes and services are adhered to by standards and policy in order to effectively deliver new solutions to the organization
  • Accountable for different applications; will lead initiatives and be responsible for the effective technological execution of applications for enterprise apps
  • Handles important projects, client engagements or company processes
  • Establish creative and innovative performance-based on understanding and analysis that enhance market performance and lead to organizational objectives and strategic purpose
  • Continues to develop and supplies suitable assignments, assignments, reviews work, shares progress towards project objectives; coordinates and helps to prioritize project tasks and outcomes 
Austin, USA
MagRabbit USA

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