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Posted: 11/23/2020

Job Description

This task will begin remotely, but once the location reopens, we would like them to go on site in Round Rock, TX.

We are recruiting a Solution Architect to lead the production and execution over many life cycles of their deployment of process mining and global rollout. This SA will oversee the technical execution of assigned features, ensuring that they are developed in all environments as planned, reviewed, and published.

In order to create world-class, large-scale, highly accessible, distributed, event-based goods and platforms, our team is committed to continuously improving the bar of best practices. From high-level plans to the production, implementation and troubleshooting solutions, you can work through various teams and be involved in all facets of the development process.

Instinctively, you will have an insight into what works, have experience pushing innovative strategies and innovations through large production teams, and will be a key technical evangelist in the Dell Digital enterprise and beyond. 



  • In any ability (Python, C#, Java), practice coding, either on the job or as part of your hobbies/previous roles.
  • General knowledge of Web Creation & Object Oriented Programming.
  • Experience and understanding of relational databases and corporate data warehouses in professional development, like MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, or other popular RDBMSS work.
  • Big data programming experience (Hadoop, Apache Spark, MapReduce, etc.)
  • BS/MS or equivalent degree in Computer Science + 10 years of experience in production.
  • Data modeling experience, content optimization for both relational and non-relational databases (Oracle, MySQL, SqlServer, Mongo, Cassandra, Couchbase, Hadoop, Redis)
  • 8 + Years of ETL (informatica, etc.) experience
  • Awareness of ETL to source data
  • Experience of AI/ML Python
  • Knowledge of best practices for data modeling and data analysis and principles
  • Design and construction knowledge with highly accessible architecture, large-scale, service-oriented
  • Capacity and willingness to code on any operating system in any programming language
  • Must have guided many prior preferences for large-scale program design and production
  • Good expertise in interpretation and collaboration
  • Experience in the development of large scale HA applications, preferably for implementations focused on the cloud.
  • On either Mongo, Cassandra, Couchbase, SQLServer, Oracle, or equivalent, established programming expertise
  • Relevant business awareness and expertise in software engineering from eCommerce 


  • Provides strategic guidance for the planning, development and design of Celonis Process Mining Infrastructure
  • Provide documentation on technical architecture, practical, technical and consumer
  • Deep dive into current codebases to grasp architectures, challenges, and possibilities
  • Hands on collaborative production to push applications and systems with high quality.
  • Reviews of lead design across multiple teams
  • Demonstrate successful 3rd party technology adoption
  • Drive cross-functional deployment tools
Round Rock, TX
MagRabbit USA

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