Cybersecurity, Production and Operations Executive

Posted: 08/14/2020

Job Description

  • Participates in the analysis of the resources , technology and procedures necessary to protect all facets of the organization.
  • Maintains and optimizes methods , procedures, documents, analysis, and software and identifies benchmarks of performance for their successful use.
  • Deploys tools, procedures, documents, and technology and lays out standards for performance for their successful usage.
  • Deploy on issues of cybersecurity which can be broad and extremely technical, with special focus on defense operations.
  • Chooses approaches and strategies to recognize and promote successful responses to defense.
  • Plays a key role in networking operations in one or more fields like network , server, portal, device, event management, web, identification, cryptography and other new technologies.
  • Provide professional assistance and monitoring with difficulties pertaining to identification and account management.
  • AD Services Management.
  • Provide some additional assistance of computer management that the company needs.
    Troubleshoot IAM and related processes and escalate when required.
    CyberArk implementations and operations
  • Function in initiatives as specifications changed.
  • Good practices and Ticket Management Principles.

Everyday Tasks:

  • Troubleshooting with end-users.
  • Aid for complaint reports.
  • Solution CyberArk.



  • 100% Work from home.
  • US Citizen
  • Bachelor's degree
  • 1-2 years worked at the IT Engineering job
  • CyberArk and positive awareness/understanding of the registry


  • Helps pick approaches and strategies to define and promote successful protection solutions
  • Supports resources, procedures, paperwork, monitoring, and infrastructure management, and establishes performance requirements for their successful usage.
  • Management usually controls the job
  • Can build pattern analyzes for cybersecurity operations and report findings
  • Works on low intensity safety issues, with strong focus on defense operations
Software Engineer
Austin, USA
MagRabbit USA

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