Cybersecurity Forensics Investigator

Posted: 09/07/2020

Job Description

  • Guide small to medium-sized inquiries, manage legal , ethical, protection and IT duties and services
  • Take an active part in forensic SME Emergency Management Teams
  • Act for problem-solving suppliers
  • Create and retain detailed documents
  • Standardizing systems and practices, with quality development
  • Implement other functions, if applicable
  • Execute different inquiry requests during the implementation, data processing , analysis and data output lifecycle
  • Take part in the creation, development and introduction of modern forensic or eDiscovery techniques or solutions



  • Finished college in IT or 5 + years of business IT experience
  • Understands basic investigative techniques, storage of evidence and computer forensics
  • Experience Database Systems focused on SQL
  • Issue analysis and technical know-how
  • Strong oral and written contact skills
  • In a business environment, experience one or more big data forensic products
  • As part of a wider squad, must operate well individually and with others and be able to cooperate on cross-functional teams
  • Excellent reading, writing and speaking English
  • Good written and oral communication skills

Desired Skills:

  • EnCase, ACE, or GCFE Certification.
  • CISSP Certifications, or equivalent,
  • 6 + Years focus on cybersecurity
  • Functional information of machine incidents and the relevant logs
  • Experience dealing for the operating systems MS Windows Desktop and Cloud
  • Functional familiarity with Linux / Unix
  • Experience operating with the O365 framework at Microsoft
  • Familiar with data protection regulations and the relevant security requirements
  • ITIL Practice, desired Credential.


  • Takes part in analyses of relevant tools, systems and processes to ensure the organization's safety in everyway. 
  • Tends to work on medium to high difficulty cybersecurity issues, with special focus on safety operations
  • Chooses approaches and strategies to define and promote successful protection measures
  • Preserves and optimizes methods, procedures, documents, reporting and technology, and identifies benchmarks of performance for their successful use
  • Needs to prioritize own work and may have duties to instruct, direct, assign and supervise more junior team members
  • Supervisor generally gives this individual the problem of developing suitable solutions
  • Plays a key role in single area security operations

alarm_on Work arrangement

Location: You will be working in a lab in MA.

Onsite in Franklin. 

Some days will work from home. 


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