Posted: 03/11/2021

Job Description


  • Manages, resolves and documents system and environment availability issues and events
  • Monitors and measures applications performance
  • Performs routine maintenance
  • Communicates to relevant stakeholders (development teams, customers, end users, etc.) to address system issues and conduct mentoring and training
  • Proposes and implements enhancements into systems to improve system reliability and performance
  • Learns new business processes, corporate specific technologies, system behavior and applications as they relates to customer needs
  • Designs, authors, debugs, tests and documents application packages according to standards, policies and procedures of customers' organizations
  • Maintains packaging, verification workflows, documents lessons learned and others related activities
  • Creates and maintains application packaging test and development environments.
  • Defines corporate packaging standards and strategies.
  • Sets up application environment, performs builds and refreshes of complex environments.
  • Creates, implements and tests DR procedures.
  • Consults with management to promote and develop technical enhancements.
  • Capable of leading initiatives and special projects


  • Must be W2
  • Understanding of security control management and software build/deployment pipelines
  • Strong SQLServer/DB Management skills for both optimizing existing databases and integrating with externals systems.
  • Experience maintaining Java/Apache based applications is desirable.


  • Impact is regional and/or on significant business processes
  • Responsible for a large portfolio of applications
  • Provides technical and consultative support on solutions opportunities, thought leadership and shares knowledge
  • Coordinate global resources and serves as Technical Lead
  • Works on unusually complex problems and provides solutions that are highly creative
  • Accountable for overall technical solutions delivery of business software applications
  • Collaborates well with Senior Technical Staff throughout the IT Organization
  • Leads or participants in setting strategic technical leadership and vision for the organization
  • Drives design changes to processes and applications
  • Translates the functional specifications into an application design and architecture
  • Performs technical project leadership roles and represents IT as the principal technical contact

alarm_on Work arrangement

Business Unit: BU026-Digital

Site: Round Rock, Texas, United States

Location: Round Rock, Texas, United States

Round Rock, TX
MagRabbit USA

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