Consultant, Cybersecurity Consulting - United States

Posted: 01/20/2021


* Basic Requirements

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering or a similar technical field or relevant professional experience.
  • 10+ years of experience in Information Security.
  • 5+ years of direct or equivalent experience in fields of vulnerability analysis, exploit development, reverse engineering and fuzzing
  • In-depth experience and expertise of Windows Operating Systems Internals (Kernel, Registry, File system, Windows APIs)
  • Ability to use any of the following tools: user and kernel debuggers (WinDbg, OllyDbg/Immunity debug, IDA Pro, Hex-Rays, Visual Studio, Driver Verifier)
  • Have knowledge of Windows Development (C/C++/C#) user mode and kernel mode application ·
  • Experience vulnerability researching, exploit development, reverse engineering and kernel deployment

* Plus Requirements

  • Professional programming using x86/x64 assembly C, C++, and Python (or a similar scripting language)
  • Experienced with the Metasploit framework
  • Source code analysis for control flow and security vulnerabilities
  • Excellent problem-solving skills with the ability to identify and resolve technical problems
  • Have documented security analysis or security issue
  • Customer-oriented with a deep interest in service quality.
  • Have outstanding communication skills in English, both written and verbal




  • Responsibility for identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities affecting software and firmware
  • Engaging in or working directly on additional programs, assignments or initiatives as needed
  • Implementing information security controls in an environment to define threats and decrease their effect
  • Designing and maintaining resources to help in vulnerability analysis and exploit creation
  • Offer assessment of possible information security threats and proposes solutions
  •  Rise problems to suppliers, security departments and engineers by standard escalation processes.
Austin, USA
MagRabbit USA

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