Analyst, Cybersecurity Engineering & Operations

Posted: 03/18/2021

Job Description

  • Participates in analyses of the tools, technology, and procedures required to protect the enterprise in all ways.
  • Tools, procedures, data, monitoring, and technology are preserved and streamlined, and performance criteria are established for their successful use.
  • Deploys applications, policies, documents, and technology, and sets performance requirements for their good use.
  • Works on cybersecurity topics that can be extremely nuanced and broad, with specific focus on defense operations.
  • Selects tools and approaches to define and advocate appropriate alternatives for defense.
  • Specializes in one or more fields of security operations, including network, host, database, device, event management, cloud, authentication, identity, and other new technologies.



  • Required US Citizenship.
  • Experience in a company with one or more big insider risk investigation tools (End point tracking, DLP, analytics of consumer behavior)
  • An understanding of widely used tailored strategies, tactics, and processes for Insider Threat and Data Exfiltration.
  • 6+ Years Information Management training or Electronic Forensics Training.
  • Experience operating in a wide enterprise in the deployment of end point agents
  • Observe IT experience  
  • Working understanding of principles of data forensic
  • Familiar with the rules of data protection and the related security specifications.
  • Certification by EnCE, ACE, GCFE, GCFA or other SANS.
  • CISSP or equivalent CISSP


  • Works on low-complexity cybersecurity topics with specific focus on defense operations
  • Assists in the procurement of approaches and approaches to recognize and advocate viable security solutions
  • Supports the maintenance of instruments, procedures, data, monitoring and technology and establishes standards for performance in their successful use
  • The job is normally driven by leadership.
  • May build pattern analysis of cybersecurity operations and report results

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Site: Remote - Texas, United States

Location: Remote - Texas, United States

Austin, USA
MagRabbit USA

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