Advisor, IT Security - United States

Posted: 06/25/2021

Job Description


  • Establishes and executes information security strategies and procedures
  • Collaborates with engineering teams to define and improve information security and system management policies and settings.
  • Monitors and evaluates supplier and third party information security reports/lists
  • Assesses new and developing products and technology and makes suggestions to management on their implementation
  • Assesses, prioritizes and makes recommendation for information security improvements that are relevant to the achievement of business goals and objectives
  • Coordinates, organizes, manages, and monitors the use of access control systems security tools, network security control, and intrusion detection systems to discover unusual occurrences and security infractions that exploit system vulnerabilities
  • Integrates information & network security controls into an environment to identify risks and reduce their impact
  • Makes and maintains information security documentation
  • Communicates information security procedures to users
  • Evaluates and suggests changes to information security policies
  • Designs, develop or suggest security systems solutions for the protection of confidential data and systems
  • Conduct technical services for the support of integrated security systems and solutions
  • Join with the customer in the strategic design process to transfer security and business requirements into processes and systems
  • Analyzes potential risk of network security and suggests solutions
  • Makes and maintains network security documentation
  • Informs network security procedures to users
  • Reviews network security policies and give recommendations of modifications


  • Candidates must be W2
  • Have more than 5 years Tenable Nessus administration experience not development, experiences of using Linux system.
  • Ability to work on tasks independently and work with people internationally


  • Offers security knowledges to small to medium sized projects or programs independently; assists senior staff in bigger projects and programs
  • Comprehend and communicate the security strategy, policy, and procedures and their impacts to the organization
  • Assists solution designers with new business proposals as a subject matter expert
  • Collaborates with account managers, project managers, senior specialists, and marketing in initiating client calls and proposal feedbacks
  • Builds up and executes strategic and tactical plans, sets up priorities, assesses schedules and budgets, and provides work guidance.
  • Works as the technical bridge between the clients and sales, and by designing and implementing various projects that will lead to overall better service quality and profitability
  • Performs cyber examinations which include thorough computer forensic analysis; testifies in number of forums including mediations, depositions criminal and civil courts
  • Monitors and analyzes information security events to ensure a consistent and coordinated response to ongoing security risks
  • Perform technical investigations of incidents which are identified as a threat to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of intellectual property, client or employee's personally identifiable information
  • Installs and assists the technical infrastructure for secure access to internal systems, applications, and infrastructure, such as Firewall, IDS, VPN and authentication systems

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Site: Remote - Massachusetts, United States

Location: Remote - Massachusetts, United States

IT Technical Support Position
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