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MagRabbit offers comprehensive services spanning the full lifecycle of needs. We can start with new implementation, updating it to meet your changing needs, application migration, custom development or working to harmonize it with your surrounding IT environment.

It is important to know how to leverage Salesforce “out of the box” with configuration, workflows, custom reports and more. It’s also important to be able to get the most from the platform with integration, completely customized interfaces, unique processes, and even custom-built AppExchange solutions.

To ensure that value from Salesforce extends well beyond your sales team, we have a unique process of pairing experienced business analysis with a deep technical background with Apex and Visualforce. Unlike traditional system integrators or classic management consultants, our experts are firmly rooted in both worlds, enabling us to deliver optimal business solutions for our clients.

You will be working with bright, creative, professionals people with a passion for solving problems for our clients and wanting to be a part of a collaborative team with a strong culture that promotes obsessive problem solving, professionalism, teamwork, and customer advocacy.

Optimize Your Business Process

While we specialize in tailoring the Salesforce platform to your needs, we also encourage our clients to consider where Salesforce has itself evolved and driven many current best practices in the CRM industry. We can share those “lessons learned” with you and help you integrate what works into your custom-crafted implementation. This consulting role is MagRabbit ’s greatest value to you — coupled with our thorough understanding of both the product-side of Salesforce and custom development in Visualforce and Apex, we can often help organizations craft exactly the Salesforce solution they need.

We can help you optimize your people, processes, and technology with a focus around serving customers in this new paradigm. We focus on process, understanding ahead of technology solutions, allowing for rapid innovation instead of massive development costs.

Configure Salesforce

Once we’ve come to understand your goals and processes, MagRabbit will configure Salesforce to meet your needs. We always recommend working in a Sandbox followed by regular, iterative releases into your Production Organization. This gives you a chance to test and approve new features and avoids costly mistakes that can happen when making changes to a live system.


MagRabbit team works hard to ensure Salesforce's success, not only as a technology but as a convenient tool with your individual team members as well. We can help to create changes in management plan, draft curricula training courses for your users on new business processes and Salesforce itself; We can also can create video instruction, host webinars, and deliver classroom-based instruction as well.

MagRabbit are very happy to discuss training needs either as part of a project or simply to help you get the most out of your investment in Salesforce.

Salesforce Application Migration

MagRabbit, Inc. specializes in business transformation through process improvement and application of cloud technologies.

Things can be daunting especially when you have multiple choices presented to you. For example, numerous editions, pricing models, partner solutions, geographical reasons, whether you need to go with single or multiple org etc. You need a trusted Salesforce partner who can facilitate a smooth journey into the territory of cloud.

Our Salesforce data migration roadmap takes into account all aspects of CRM planning including Salesforce adoption and deployment, while reducing cost and minimizing risks.

To ensure that value from Salesforce extends well beyond your sales team, we have a unique process of pairing experienced business analysis with a deep technical background by Apex and Visualforce. Unlike traditional system integrators or classic management consultants, our experts are firmly rooted in both worlds, enabling us to deliver optimal business solutions for our clients.

Salesforce Integration

When you have all the necessary information at your fingertips, it is easy to obtain better visibility and clarity on your customers, finance, and operations. Our consultants help you in identifying and connecting your accounting systems, ERP, content management platforms, social media platforms, ecommerce applications and even any on-premise or third party software.

No technology, even one as capable as Salesforce, lives in a vacuum. A successful technology strategy for any company, large or small, has to include using a variety of tools to serve the business. MagRabbit specializes particularly in integrating Salesforce with other systems.

We’re careful to specify integrations — we define inputs and outputs, craft use cases when procedures are included with the integration (on-demand or automated), and make sure endpoints perform well, follow proper standards (including error handling and data formats). We define whether they should operate in bulk and as a synchronous (immediate response) or asynchronous services.

Salesforce Customization

MagRabbit offers suite of Salesforce implementation and customization services that provides a seamless experience to your clients throughout their customer lifecycle.

Our certified and experienced Salesforce experts ensure that Salesforce CRM implementation can boost the working experience in your organization. We can help your company systems perform well outside of Salesforce standard range.

We are specialists in a range of platforms including Sales Cloud, Services Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Lightning, Salesforce1 Mobile, AppExchange development and publishing and more.

MagRabbit’s team includes business analysts, architects, developers and project managers and certified Salesforce specialist to work on your project.

Apex and Visualforce Development

The AppExchange is a proven ecosystem of apps, with millions of installs and thousands of customer reviews to help Salesforce users find the best match for their business. Whether you’re looking for applications to accelerate internal implementations or looking to grow your business by selling apps or components to other customers, the AppExchange can help you go faster.

We specialize in delivering custom business applications on the Force.com platform and integration between Salesforce and your other key systems. By using Force.com standard functionality and AppExchange solutions to the greatest extent possible prior to customizing the application, we provide faster time-to-value, increased development velocity, and greater cost savings for you.

Development in Salesforce begins by creating objects and fields that store your data. We then craft workflows and validation rules that automate business processes and protect both data and process integrity. For more complex automation and processing, we turn to Apex, Salesforce’ s Java-like programming language, Visualforce and Lightning development then augments the standard Salesforce user experience with rich, custom interfaces.

  • Apex
  • Visualforce
  • Process Builder
  • Heroku
  • Lightning
  • Web Services

MagRabbit Consulting follows well-established best practices for Apex and Visualforce development: version control, continuous integration, and development standards. All help to ensure smooth process and clean code in the end.

Custom development depends on good process in order for a project to be a success: MagRabbit leads its work with experienced project managers and a well-defined software development process.

Business Engagement Models: Projects Based Model

For new projects, MagRabbit will often work in a project-based model where we define the scope of work, budget, and schedule before embarking on development.

Lead by seasoned Project Managers, our projects begin with a design and planning stage followed by development and deployment phases.

We get to know your business and clarify requirements — for configuration, interface work in Visualforce or Lightning, and code in Apex — to the exact needs of your team.

Dedicated Team Based Model: Maintenance & Support

For established Salesforce orgs, you can opt for a flexible approach where you commit to a regular schedule of work that our team tackles on a priority basis.

You’ll control development by queuing tasks for the team and can integrate the ability for your users to queue requests within your org if you wish.

We can work with or serve as your team’s Salesforce Admin and help respond to requests as they come from your team. Our consultants will get to know your business.

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