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    How Responsive Web Design Drives MagRabbit’s Software Development

    Currently, the trend of using mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets for work as well as recreation is becoming increasingly popular, in fact, Google has announced that their search engine will give businesses with a mobile-friendly website design priority in search results as of April 21. This trend is accelerating because users can now conduct almost any task on a mobile device that formerly could only be executed on a desktop computer. As the ability to access the Internet on mobile devices is nearly equal to access on a desktop computer, mobile’s usefulness and convenience has the clear advantage.

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    MagRabbit Keeps Development Costs Down for Customers By Increasing Efficiency with the Latest Development Tools

    To keep pace with current software development practices for our clients, it is necessary for front-end developers to use supportive tools of development to save both time and money for our clients. This article will highlight some useful tools for developing that the MagRabbit team incorporates into projects.

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